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Changing Your Merchant Account Provider

Are you frustrated with high rates and fees charged by your current merchant account provider? Have you had service problems related to credit card processing and had trouble getting customer support on the phone? Is there some other reason why you’re not satisfied with the products or services delivered by your provider? Is your merchant account agreement up for renewal soon and you’d like to see if you can do better?


Free Account Review

AV Financial can help in all of these cases by reviewing your current credit card processing package and offering a viable alternative. It’s as simple as contacting us and providing copies of your most recent merchant account  statements. We’ll do a free analysis of your current rates and fees to see if we can save  you money, just as we’ve done for thousands  of clients over the last 15 years.


Credit Card Processing Options


At AV Financial, we also offer each new client recommendations for processing options that can benefit their business. For example, if you have an on-the-go work force, the addition of mobile credit card processing to your operation allows them to collect payment in the field when services are rendered, eliminating the need to bill and collect from customers at a later date. Thinking about expanding your retail business to the Internet? We can suggest online credit card processing options to help make it happen!

Risk-Free, 30-Day Free Trial Offer



We are so confident that you will find our honesty, budget-friendly fees and great customer service and support to be what you’re looking for that we offer a risk-free trial offer.* Try our merchant account products and services for 30 days, and if you aren’t impressed by our efficient and affordable credit card processing or our superior level of customer service and support, you can cancel the service and owe only the processing fees you’ve incurred.

Mobile Payment Processing


For many businesses — especially service providers and on-the-go merchants — the point of sale has moved far beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar retail location. Instead, they transact business at outdoor markets, sports venues, community and school functions, customers’ homes and more. These busy merchants require a credit card processing solution that’s as mobile as they are — and AV Financial partnered with TransFirst® delivers with ProcessNow® Mobile.


Secure and Affordable Credit Card Processing

You owe it to yourself and your business to make the right credit card processing choice that will meet your needs and requirements at a price you can afford. Chances are you shop around for the best deal from suppliers and vendors, so why shouldn’t you do the same when it comes to your merchant account provider? If cutting-edge, secure credit card processing technology and top-quality, 24/7/365 customer service and support from U.S.-based representatives are what you’re looking for, contact us today. Knowledgeable service agents are standing by to answer your questions and get you started processing credit cards with AV Financial, empowered by TransFirst!

Benefits of Mobile Processing


Mobile credit card processing from AV Financial harnesses the power of a smartphone or tablet and turns it into a handheld credit card swiper that functions just like the countertop version.Once you have a merchant account for mobile processing from AV Financial, you simply download  the free ProcessNow Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play™ to your device and you’re ready to start accepting major credit cards and signature  debit cards. ProcessNow Mobile offers portable credit and debit card payment acceptance with the iPad mini™ or Google Nexus 7™ tablets and iPhone® or Android™ smartphones. Pop on the recommended credit card reader and you can swipe cards anywhere the sale arises, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone manual entry of data while simultaneously saving on processing fees.


Benefis of Mobile Processing Cont:


Mobile credit card processing with ProcessNow offers the same secure data transmission and fraud alerts as traditional processing options. Receipts are emailed to your customers, saving you the expense of a printer and paper rolls. Mobile processing opens up all kinds of opportunities for your business. Spend the whole day at a remote venue, transacting sale after sale from your smartphone or tablet. You’re no longer limited to cash-only transactions because you’ve got the full power of mobile processing conveniently at your fingertips.


Service providers who were previously stuck with collecting cash or checks (and then making trips to the bank to deposit them), or were at the mercy of the billing and collection process, can now accept credit cards at the point of service. Transaction proceeds are typically deposited into the merchant account within 48 hours. ProcessNow Mobile can also be used in tandem with ProcessNow Register, TransFirst’s full register solution.


Go Mobile and Grow Your Business


AV Financial is in the vanguard of mobile payment solutions, enabling our merchants to conduct business wherever and whenever it takes them, effectively expanding their reach in the marketplace.


Mobile credit card processing empowers you to accept all major credit cards and signature debit cards almost anywhere, helping you grow your business by moving into outdoor venues and remote areas where sales were previously cash only.

Simply set up a merchant account with us, choose ProcessNow Mobile, download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and you’re ready to accept payment practically anywhere.


Virtual Terminal Payment Processing

A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to accept credit card and ACH payments online securely and efficiently from their own computer. AV Financial offers an easily accessible virtual terminal through Transaction Express®, our front-end payment platform.


A virtual terminal can be used to process credit card and ACH transactions from any computer with Internet access anywhere in the world, allowing you to securely and efficiently handle a series of additional tasks including the verification, reporting and processing of credit card and ACH payments.



How Transaction Express Works


With an Internet merchant account from AV Financial, you can use your computer’s web browser, an

Internet connection and a USB credit card swipe reader to log into the Transaction Express secure

website and perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Process swiped retail credit card transactions

  • Manually enter mail order/telephone order (MOTO) credit card transactions

  • Manually enter ACH transactions using one                                                                                      of the following Standard Entry Class Codes:                                                                     PPD, CCD, WEB or TEL

  • Receive authorizations responses

  • Generate receipts

  • Issue refunds to a customer’s credit card or                                                                     ACH Account

  • Capture previously authorized transactions

  • Store credit card or ACH payment information                                                                     in a customer wallet for future billing

  • Set up automatic customer billing for                                                                         recurring charges

  • Confirm transaction status

  • Upload batch files

  • Access, create and save a variety of standard and customizable reports



Shopping Cart Integration

Virtual shopping carts allow visitors to your website to choose items for immediate purchase or to

be stored for later purchase. Virtual shopping carts facilitate the collection of billing address,               shipping address and payment information to be processed by the Transaction Express system,           which can be integrated with Shopsite, SEO Cart, Zen Cart and OS commerce carts.


Transaction Express Features


Transaction Express delivers 24/7 U.S.-based user support, secure technology, QuickBooks®  Desktop (optional) compatibility and PCI compliance — all in one payment gateway that lets you accept major credit cards, signature debit cards and ACH.

The Transaction Express electronic payment system supports a multi-user environment, so additional users can be created and registered in the virtual terminal by the merchant account administrator. Additionally, a single user can be granted access by the administrator to more than one merchant account as long as the accounts are related.

Transaction Express’ multi-merchant environment allows the grouping of related merchant accounts and access via a single login at no extra cost — a real boon to merchants who have diversified their business, operate out of multiple locations or plan to expand their business. Seasonal merchants can also benefit from Transaction Express since the account can be placed in an inactive state during the off-season to help reduce operating costs.


Secure and Versatile


Transaction Express is a fully PCI-compliant and PA-DSS-certified payment application. It’s also versatile, supporting both multi-merchant and multi-user environments. Related merchant accounts can be grouped and access allowed through a single log-in; additional users can be granted access to the virtual terminal at the discretion of the merchant account administrator.


Virtual terminals take credit card and ACH processing beyond landlines and into the 21st century, and AV Financial leads the way with Transaction Express. If you have questions about virtual terminals in general or Transaction Express in particular, fill out the form and a AV Financial consultant will be in touch to give you the answers.


Recurring Payments


Recurring payments is a useful feature with multiple applications: Memberships that require dues, subscriptions that need to be renewed and utility payments, to name just a few. Any merchant or business that would like to charge the same amount to the same payment card on a regular basis can do so with automated recurring billing.

AV Financial offers a wide array of recurring payment tools through our web-based electronic payment gateway, Transaction Express®. Merchants can store payment information for future use in a “customer wallet” that can be associated with a customizable recurring profile.


The profile contains specific payment terms agreed upon between the merchant and customer, facilitating payment plans and automated payment processing. Recurring payments can be fully automated for the convenience of merchants and customers.

To set up a recurring payment, the merchant simply enters the specified charge once, chooses the frequency of payment (weekly, monthly, annually) and Transaction Express does the rest. The customer’s card is billed and a receipt is automatically emailed directly to them.


Automated recurring billing through AV Financial’s Transaction Express is an efficient, convenient and hassle-free service that can help merchants build and manage their business growth. To learn more about recurring payments, fill out the form and a AV Financial representative will respond promptly.